5 Things that are totally awesome

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I’ve been feeling pretty unhappy lately, so to cheer myself up I thought I’d look at the world around me and remind myself that I am not the only truly awesome part of life.

So in no particular order (because really, sorting awesomeness of this magnitude is open to some personal discretion) I present Things That Are Totally Awesome:

  • Baby Racing
    That’s right. Somewhere out there parents are juicing up their infants and racing them for fun and profit.
  • Black-Black
    This caffeinated Japanese chewing gum tastes like hobo-ass, but who cares? Caffeine + Jean-Claude Van Damme + “”HI-TECHNICAL EXCELLENT TASTE AND FLAVOR” =¬†totally awesome. It’s an undisputed mathematical fact.
  • Sperm Whales vs Giant Squids
    Somewhere, right now, a giant squid might be fighting a sperm whale! If that possibility doesn’t fill you with wonder then you can’t appreciate true awesomeness.
  • Bonetown
    Like many of my generation I’m weary of beating hookers to death and driving into innocent bystanders. Thankfully Bonetown opens up a world of indiscriminate sex and wild drug consumption. About time there was a game more like my life.
  • The WoW Pod
    Too long have I pwned noobs without the ability to bring food and a toilet into close proximity for the enhancement of my gaming experience. Well no longer!

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