8 Things the iPad won’t do

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Everybody and their grandmother seems to be hot in the pants (and not just from crotch-searing metal-encased Macbook Pros) over the expected announcement of Apple’s new tablet next Tuesday. I have a lifelong gadget fetish, and since falling in love with a Mac-addict my hard-line stance on Apple has softened, but as much as I want to be excited I just can’t picture what the iSlate will do that’s worth getting sweaty about.

Since I don’t have the upwards of $1,000 it’s likely to cost (well, I do but it’s aimed at building a new desktop in the near future) I am embracing my inner Apple-humbug and consoling myself with reminders that the device won’t be life-altering enough to tackle the following:

  1. Do my taxes
  2. Clean the litterbox
  3. Refill my gin and tonic
  4. Share my sense of outrage over the cancellation of yet another awesome Joss Whedon series
  5. Rub my back
  6. Allow me to work from home
  7. Slap anybody having a serious discussion about elven facial hair
  8. Replace my tampons.

Find me a gadget that does all of that and I will marry it in Guam.

2 thoughts on “8 Things the iPad won’t do

  1. Well it's out and despite all the hoo ha it is not quite as marvellous as expected. One of the bugs with it is that the Wii does not seem to work in some. Other bugs abound also.Perhaps sticking with the kindle or one of the other 18 readers on the market might be workth looking at

  2. My boyfriend rushed to get one as soon as they were released in Canada and after an hour or so of playing with it promptly put it away and barely uses it. My new netbook seems much more valuable, probably because I do a lot of writing and the iPad keyboard sucks mung.

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