A Decade of Blogging

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Recently I became curious about exactly when I started using the WordPress platform, so I hit up the Wayback Machine for one of the first domains I can recall using after graduating from Blogger. My amazement at my hideous web design (who doesn’t love purple on purple?!) and self-indulgent content was totally overshadowed by the date.

December 2001.

Holy shit. It’s been a decade since I started blogging. The world had just learned that Al’Qaeda meant business. Britney Spears hadn’t gone crazy or turned to sourdough yet. CNN was still a decent news outlet. Jennifer Lopez hadn’t even started dating Ben Affleck. Most people I talked to didn’t quite understand my obsession with “that Internet”. There was no Twitter. There was no Facebook.

It’s crazy how much a decade has changed the way we communicate and interact. When I started blogging I could (and did) talk smack about people in my life secure in the knowledge that they would never see it. Nowadays I know when half my friends are taking a poop, as it is happening. Come to think of it, that might be a sign to make new friends, or return to talking smack about poop-tweeters. (Or maybe I should just count my blessings that those people haven’t discovered Instagram yet?)


3 thoughts on “A Decade of Blogging

  1. So where’s the wayback link to the old content? Inquiring minds want to see what Dinosaur wordpress was like!

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