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Way back in the early 2000s I was an enthusiastic and prolific blogger, but by grad school I didn’t have time and never did pick up the habit again after graduation. As I head back to grad school again I’m inspired by the fantastic blogging of Sacha Chua to try again.

Since I don’t consider myself an expert on anything I’ll instead be focusing on things I’m learning as I learn them. That includes my academic return to anthropology, quantified self, online gaming and the virtualization of self, mobile/wearables and the extended mind, productivity/organization, fitness and my obsession with stationery.

About Me

I sometimes joke that I’m finding my true calling in life by process of elimination. I’ve worn many hats, including digital archivist, photojournalist, communications consultant, video game designer, software developer, and lately, anthropologist and historian.

As of September 2014 I’m a grad student again, I picked up a second Master’s degree from the anthropology department at the University of Toronto before moving on to work on a PhD in science and technology studies at York University. I’m interested in cyborg hybridity, embodiment and identity, and self-quantification.

I love to run, and I’m trying to love yoga the way that I used to. I used to drink a lot of wine, now I don’t.

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