App Update: Qbro Improves UI, Adds New Filters

Photo editing app Qbro has just updated to version 2.5, and it looks good. One of my previous complaints about Qbro was the inconsistent and sometimes frustrating interface. No camera app should make me tap twice to get from editing back to shooting photos, and now Qbro doesn’t. Navigation will still take new users some fussing to get familiar with, but the consistent layout across all photo selection and editing screens is a welcome change.

In addition to the UI fixes, the update includes some speed and stability tweaks. It was good before, but now rendering image previews is surprisingly fast on my poor old 3GS. The interface and performance improvements make Qbro noticeably nicer to use, but they’re not really “sexy” features.

Never fear, version 2.5 also includes 9 new films, available as 3 in-app purchases.

Read the rest of my coverage at Life in LoFi.

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