Don’t Treat Your Employees Like Idiots

Text: I'm with Stupid, underneath the text a hand points to the right

A friend of mine recently mentioned that at work nobody has admin rights on their computer. This would make perfect sense of he were a kindly, middle-aged technophobe with a predilection for clicking on every popup ad he came across.

But he’s an experienced software developer, at a firm full of experienced software developers. There are 2 non-programmers on staff: a project manager with over a decade of managing website and web app development, and a tech savvy social media specialist. Hardly a recipe for disaster if given free rein to install software or — god forbid — set up a virtual machine for testing.

The implication of the policy is either that the employees are stupid or that they’re not trustworthy. Since they’re neither, the only conclusion I can reach is that the person responsible for the policy is an idiot. He either thinks he’s hired liars and fools, which would have been fantastically stupid on his part, or he’s incapable of recognizing their value, also idiotic.

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