In Which I Relocate Back to Tumblr

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I’ve returned to as my primary blog/tumblog/too-long-for-Twitter online hangout. Join me!

As the landing page at hints, I have a lot of hideouts online. I like technology and community, it’s a given that I’ll play around with virtually every social site I come across. When I started this blog here at WordPress it was because I somehow decided that I wanted to have a “formal” blog that was distinct from my Tumblr. I’m over it.

Context, Baby

In retrospect my desire to keep my daily reblogs, photos, and other randomness from polluting a proper blog was silly. This is an opinion-driven, one-woman show (where I’ve written about serious topics like dog poop), sure I have serious opinions and ideas, but I’m more likely to express them with sass and amusing diagrams than with a lengthy diatribe adhering strictly to the Socratic method or other formal persuasive techniques. So why not plop it in the middle of a daily river of context?

Used to be the goal was to separate your “personal” content from your “professional” content. But what I do is the same as what I love to do, there isn’t much of a line. Besides, I’ve been giving it some thought and in general I’m pretty happy with who I am. I’m okay with potential employers and colleagues having a window into my life. In fact, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’d be a piss-poor communicator and connector if I pretended to be anything other than just Nox.

In Tags We Trust

Ah! But what about people who don’t want to see random street photography, subway portraits, reblogged political commentary and random saucy commentary? Part of my rationale for using WordPress over Tumblr was that I could set up a formal category structure.

But I’ve been rethinking my ongoing discussions with Ryan about folders vs categories vs tags (we talk about directory structures more than most normal couples) and I’m going to loosen up and give tagging a chance as my primary method of assigning structure and meaning to my content.

It’s quite a leap for me, I take a surreal and OCD delight in cooking up complex data structures. Ask me to design a database and I can fall into a near catatonic stupor as I mentally analyze all possible connections, reliances, etc.

Sorry Posterous

I seriously pondered using Posterous instead of Tumblr. I’ve been using Tumblr since February 2007, but even so I wasn’t fast enough to score, although I did score I love me a tidy subdomain. Plus, the engineering at Posterous is brilliant. They do simple so incredibly well it impresses me every single time I visit the site. But in my opinion they need to re-examine their “only engineers” hiring policy. It was perfect early on, but now they’ve got a powerful, elegant service with no real allure beyond being dead simple. It’s totally self-serving, but they need a Nox to focus on means of connecting users, facilitating community and curating/recognizing the awesome content that people are creating in an unfortunate vacuum.

Posterous is currently a platform for talking at people, while Tumblr has really mastered the art of letting users talk to each other. There’s just no comparison when it comes to user community; I could build an island with Posterous (albeit a simple to maintain, elegantly programmed island), but I’d much rather build bridges with Tumblr.

Hope to see you over there.

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