Qbro Update: Full Resolution & 50+ Filters

Version 2.0
Price $0.99

Bottom Line: A decent Instagram alternative with tons of filters and customization that suffers from some navigation flaws and poor implementation of full resolution.

3.5 stars

Qbro is charmingly described by developer JellyBus Inc as an app that “makes you happy.” The recent update to version 2.0 did just that for me, delivering full resolution and doubling the available filters from 27 to 54 (50 filters included with app purchase, 3 for $0.99 in-app purchase as a pack, 1 “normal” filter that doesn’t alter your image).

The app is one of many Instagram clones that have hit the App Store over the past 6 months. You can take a photo from within Qbro, or import and crop an image from your photo roll, and apply a filter and border. This is a square-format only app, with touch to focus and a rule of thirds grid overlay available if you’re shooting within the app.

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2 thoughts on “Qbro Update: Full Resolution & 50+ Filters

  1. Hi Nox – What is your favorite full resolution capable square format iPhone app ? I have Hipstamatic and ShakeItPhoto already and am looking for something rather straight foward / more on the realistic side with simple white and black border options . Some suggest Qbro while others sugest Cameramatic . Tough to decide on these – any others you would suggest as well as the above ?

    1. Hi Chris,

      I have a tough time picking a single favorite square app. I just wrote up Lomora for the Steply app blog so I’ve been using it quite a bit. It’s nice, but not worth the $2.99 price tag. If you’re looking for realistic filters I’d go with Cameramatic over Qbro. I love the Cameramatic cross processing pack and Hasselblad border (complete with authentic notches). Plus with the filter editor you essentially have infinite filters available.

      Another option to consider is ClassicToy, which is free (with some in-app purchases). The square lens os part of the core free version, as are around 10 different film tips.

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