The Internet, now on the iPad!

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I’m a bit contrary, I love to take the opposite side of any discussion just for the sake of a good argument. Take boyfriend Ryan’s near-sexual fascination with all things Mac, mix in my genuine dislike for Apple’s locked down, closed development ideology and it’s no surprise that my initial response to the iPad was derision. Actually my first response was stunned silenced followed by hysterical laughter (come on, the menstrual jokes were flowing heavily on the day of the official announcement), but that was quickly followed with derision.

I mocked the hype. I blogged a list of useful things the iPad wouldn’t be able to do. I rolled my eyes until they almost fell out of my head when Ryan pre-ordered his iPad the minute their release in Canada was set. You better believe I felt smug and vindicated when it arrived and he put it aside shortly after the unboxing and initial stroking and pawing.

Gradually, though, the iPad became a part of Ryan’s daily routine. Instead of reading his RSS subscriptions sitting at his desk in our home office, he started curling up on the couch and reading them on the iPad. Okay, so maybe it still wasn’t doing anything magical or revolutionary but it got a little harder to stay grumpy about the hype with my head on my boyfriend’s shoulder, talking about typography or some novel HTML5 implementation we’d come across in Google Reader.

The important thing, I told myself, was that I still didn’t want one. I’m an opinionated loudmouth, which means I type a lot when I’m browsing the web. I pump out more comments, tweets, reblogs, emails and forum posts than the iPad’s acceptable but not amazing digital keyboard is meant for. So I could still salvage at least some of my staunch and deliciously illogical grumpiness!

Then tonight, while we were cooking dinner, we got to talking possible weekend outings and realized we weren’t quite certain where the hiking trail we want to visit is located. Without thinking I said “Oh, it’ll be online. Let me just go grab the Internet…” and with that I sauntered into the office and picked up the *gasp* iPad! Not his laptop, not my smaller laptop, not my netbook, not either of our smartphones.


Oh well, at least I still got to make a snide remark about not being able to see the trail map, provided in Flash…

One thought on “The Internet, now on the iPad!

  1. I think it’s worth referencing your previous iPad article: and point out that, it actually /hasn’t/ lived up to all those expectations!

    But is has creeped into my daily routine, I get to come home after work and flop down on the couch. But rather than turn on the TV I just as easily grab my iPad and read a few of my favorite blogs or play a few quick and mindless games to help me wind down from the day.

    There’s no way I could write any code on it, but spending all that time away from my laptop means that when I do lift myself off the couch and get in front of a real keyboard I’m much more focused on getting stuff done.

    It’s not going to replace my need for a computer, But I still like it.

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